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GovernIndia was born in December 2008 following the jarring incidents of November 26th and the aftermath. While the incident would be forever etched in India's history, what followed was even more disturbing. Shortcomings in India's policies and its intelligence agencies were splashed in the newspapers. Youngsters who never knew that we had a special Coast Guard pointed out how ill-equipped they were. Yet, as usual, the noise subsided and few really know much more about the Coast Guard of India, than they knew before the incident. This is a specific instance of a general problem.

As citizens, we are prone to criticize our national policies without really knowing all the facts. We feed off ill-digested factoids published by newspapers, without really getting the context of all that is said or written. This reduces public discourse to pointless bickering. Worse, any recommendations borne out of these ill-informed discussions can never serve a useful purpose for Government policy-making.

At GovernIndia, therefore, it is our aim to become a platform for fact-based, objective and informed discussion on public policy and other national issues. We have established this Wiki for organising and making sense of the tremendous amount of information put out by the Government, independent organisations and supra-national bodies. With this as a base, we plan to promote a discussion forum where substantial discussions and suggestions can find breath.

With all this, we look forward to a time when the intelligentsia would be able to truly participate in policy formulation, a natural progression for a rich and vibrant democracy.


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